Rules & Cautions

For Safety

Submit mountaineering notification.
Mountaineering notification is necessary for smooth rescue activities in case of emergency. In many cases, there are posting boxes for mountaineering notifications at the trail-head or the station near the trail-head. (Find the box with  this characters : “登山”.)  You should post it before mountaineering.
Sample is here.

Posting Box for Mountaineering Notification
Posting Box for Mountaineering Notification
Call 110 if you need rescue.
110 is the emergency number for police. Mountain rescue is a duty of police. You can talk in Japanese or English. In Japan, rescue cost is self-pay. So it’s better to sign up for insurance.
Do not go to mountain at bad weather
There are risk of slip, getting lost, and freezing to death even in summer.
Do not climb winter mountain unless you are an expert.
Bring a sufficient amount of water.
There are risk of heatstroke especially in summer.
Bring appropriate equipment.
Check this page.
Leave early, arrive early.
In the mountains, weather tends to be bad in the afternoon. You had better start climbing or trekking early in the morning and finish at 3 pm at the latest.
Be careful of falling rocks.
Mountains in Japan are steep so there are a lot of fallen rocks. Shout “Rock!” when you find falling rocks. (In Japanese pronunciation, “Rock!” sounds like “Raaak!”)

Rocky Mountain
Rocky Mountain
Do not stimulate animals and insects.
The dangerous wildlife in Japan are bears, boars, snakes and wasps. If you encounter these animals and insects, leave the place slowly. They will not add harm if you leave quietly.

For Nature Conservation

  • Do not litter.
  • Do not collect animals, insects, plants, mushrooms, rocks and so on.
  • Do not camp or make a fire except in a designated area.
  • Do not walk outside the trail.
  • Do not feed wild animals.
  • Do not bring alien species.

Keep Nature Beautiful!

Mt.Tsurugi and Flowers